5 Reasons a Quality Fence is a Good Investment for Any Property

Property isn’t cheap, and those who own it should focus on maximizing their investment. Adding certain elements, like fencing, for example, can increase the value of your lot by making it more desirable on the open market.

Most residential or commercial property owners have a specific reason for installing a fence, such as security, pet safety, or privacy. But there’s also an economical incentive to add one that provides benefits when it’s time to sell. This article explains why.

1.     Prospective Buyers Like Them

The general sentiment among real estate agents is that most individuals and families would prefer a home with a fence. In many cases, prospective buyers specifically seek out a fenced property to accommodate pets, a future pool, or increased privacy. That means your home value gets an instant boost when it’s time to sell.

It’s important to note that a fence in disrepair can have the opposite impact. If a buyer sees your existing fence as an expensive project, they’ll likely move on to other options. If you’re preparing to sell and need a few repairs, give us a call.

2.     Privacy

We’ve all heard it at some point: “Good fences make good neighbors.” Humans are social creatures, but the reality is most people would prefer a little privacy while they’re in their own homes or businesses.

Fencing doesn’t just keep your property free from prying eyes, but it also offers added privacy for those around you. They can’t see into your yard, and you can’t see out to these.

3.     Noise Reduction

Everyone deserves a little peace and quiet at home or in the office. Between lawnmowers and busy streets, “noise pollution” can become a serious problem. In some cases, the din from highways or main roads can significantly reduce a property’s value if you don’t take measures to mitigate the disturbances.

Quality fencing provides a noise barrier that makes a noticeable immediate impact following installation. Some materials, particularly wood, do an excellent job of reflecting and absorbing sound. Also, if you enjoy having backyard parties and want to ensure your grill-out doesn’t bother the neighbors, a fence is a great way to keep your noise to a minimum.

4.     Increased Safety and Security

One of the primary reasons commercial and residential property owners install a fence is to enhance security. Although most fences don’t provide Fort Knox-level protection, they’re often enough to deter would-be thieves.

On commercial properties, fencing adds a layer of protection for equipment that stays outdoors overnight or on weekends. For residential properties, fencing offers valuable peace of mind for those with young children or adventurous pets.

5.     A Fence Creates Clear Property Lines

Fencing is immensely helpful in establishing and maintaining clear property lines, offering a visible and tangible boundary that delineates one’s property from neighboring parcels. By demarcating the physical extent of land, fencing provides a straightforward reference point for property owners, potential buyers, and surveyors.

This visual clarity reduces the potential for time-consuming disputes and misunderstandings about property boundaries and prevents others from encroaching on your land.

Considering Investing in a Fence? Let’s Talk

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