Tips for Caring for Your Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is an affordable fencing option you can use to protect your property and keep your pets and kids inside your yard. With proper care and maintenance, your chain link fence can last upwards of 20 years (especially if it’s powder coated).

Luckily, you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance on your chain link fence to help it last. Here are some care tips you can consider to help your chain link fencing last for many years.

Apply Rust Protection Yearly

Chain link can rust if it is not properly treated every year. You can do this by spraying a rust-resistant coating on your chain link fence yearly, especially along the bottom where the fence gathers moisture from grass and dirt.

Inspect your fence for any signs of existing rust and call your fencing expert for repairs if you find any. Left untreated, rust can eat through fencing and create weak spots or holes in your chain link.

Clean Your Fence Regularly

Chain link is very easy to clean, requiring only water to remove mild dirt and debris and simple dish soap for removing bird feces and other stuck-on stains. Use your hose on a high-powered setting to spray down your fencing for easy cleanup, or grab a cotton towel or scrub brush and soapy water to clean tougher areas.

Avoid Growing Plants in Your Chain Link

While it’s tempting to grow vines, flowers, and other decorative plants on your chain link fence, it’s not really wise to do so. Plants can grow through the chain link and lift your fencing up on the bottom or burst through the links and break them. If you find “sucker” tree seedlings near your fence, remove them right away so they do not end up growing into your chain link and destroy it.

Make Repairs as Needed

The areas that may wear out first on your chain link fence are the connections to posts. As the fence gets pulled on or climbed over, connections can become loose and whole lengths of chain link can pull away from posts.

Another problem you may notice is gates beginning to sag or dig into the ground when you open and close them. If your gates are becoming uneven due to lots of use, make sure their hinges are tight and there are no bolts missing. If you see any chain link beginning to sag or pull away, call your fencing expert for repairs.

Avoid Climbing on Chain Link

While it may sometimes seem easier to simply hop over the fence than actually use the gate, avoid this action at all times. When you climb on chain link, you risk bending support posts and pulling the chain link away from its bars, which can weaken entire lengths of your fencing. Keep children and pets from climbing chain link by adding vinyl slats or removing all climbing aids near your fence, such as cinder blocks, logs, and ladders.

Your chain link fence can last for a few decades with the right maintenance and care. If you are thinking of upgrading your chain link fence or making simple repairs, consult with your fencing contractor. They can recommend many ways you can reinforce your existing chain link fence to keep it attractive and useful on your property.

A chain link fence is cost-effective, easy to install, and relatively easy to take care of. Our skilled team of fencing experts is able to install and help maintain your chain link fence so it can last for many years. Call our team at Mills Fence today to set up an appointment for repairs or a new install.