Three Tips For Dog-Proofing Your Fence

Many dog owners have fences installed to keep their canine friends safe. However, dogs are very smart and mischievous creatures, and some find ways to escape by digging underneath fences or by climbing or jumping over them. If your dog is constantly getting loose despite the fencing around your property, here are three things you can do to stop the behavior.

Opt for a Different Design

Many homeowners like installing chain-link fences because they’re inexpensive, are durable, and generally do a good job of keeping man’s best friend inside the yard. However, chain-link fences are easy to climb, and many a smart dog has figured out how to Houdini their way over the top.

Chain-link fences are climbable because of their honeycomb design; the gaps make it easier for dogs to vault over the top. Therefore, any type of solid privacy fence would be preferable.  Solid privacy fences are usually too slick for a dog to grip-on enough to climb over.   If your new fence is already a chain-link fence and you are having problems, you could add some solid vertical slats made of PVC.  These will also give you more privacy, so if your dog is a barker, it may help to obstruct his view.

The new fence will not only make it much more difficult for your dog to climb over but also block his or her view. Dogs often leave yards because they’re tempted by something on the other side of the fence. By blocking the view, you’re reducing the chances something enticing will lure your dog to make a break for it.

Install Digging Deterrents Along the Fence’s Perimeter

Another way dogs try to escape is by digging under the fence. Since most fences sit on top of the ground, all the dog has to do is dig a hole big and deep enough to squeeze through. Dog owners can place cinder blocks and other heavy items against the base of the fence to stop their canine friends from digging, but this is not always effective. Some dogs are strong enough to simply move these items out of the way so they can tunnel under.

The easiest deterrents to this problem are to install fence stakes along the fence line.  These stakes work best with wire fences and can better secure the wire fencing to the ground so the dogs can not push it up.  However, if you have a very determined dog, this might not be a solution for you.

Some dog owners even go as far as having their wire of the fence buried underground, making your dog think digging isn’t a viable way to escape anymore.

Make the Fence Taller

For people who own dogs capable of simply jumping over the fence, making the fence taller can discourage escape attempts.  Alternatively, you can add a lattice screen on top of your fence to make it too tall to jump.

If all of these options fail you, you may be best suited to install a dog kennel.  A dog kennel is made of chain-link fence and it also has a roof of chain-link on top so the dog cannot escape.

There may be other things you can do to prevent your dog from escaping your yard. Contact us about the different fence designs available that may help keep your canine pal from pulling a disappearing act.