Take Your Commercial Space to the Next Level With These Three Specialty Products

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that few things are as important as security. You want to do everything you can to make sure that your space is safe and secure while still retaining its aesthetic beauty. Combining these two needs can oftentimes be difficult which is why the expert team here at Mills Fence Co. is proud to offer some of the most unique and beautiful security solutions in the tri-state area. If you would like to learn more about our fencing options, our pricing, or our specialty products, contact the Mills Fence Co. design team today. We will happily come out for a walkthrough with you to help you design your space, suggest security solutions, and give you a free estimate on all of your wants and needs.


If your commercial space gets a heavy amount of foot traffic on a regular basis and you want to make sure that you can easily control the crowds, few things work better than a turnstile. Turnstiles allow you to easily monitor and control the flow of foot traffic at any and all entrances to your space. You can also easily lock your turnstiles to completely block off areas without having to compromise the security of your fence. All of our turnstiles are made with durable and rust-resistant metal that will easily fit in with any fence style.

Interior Enclosures

From railings on parking garages to interior cages to protect secure areas and maintenance zones, interior enclosures provide you with an extra layer of security for your customers. As an owner or manager of one of these commercial spaces, you want to do everything you can to both ensure that your customers have a safe and enjoyable experience while also minimizing any potential risk or liability you may have. Interior enclosures are one of the best ways to ensure that your customers stay out of potentially dangerous areas and maintenance zones without having to invest in extra security guards or extremely expensive security systems.


Chances are 90% of the people reading this have no idea what a bollard is or what it does. If you have ever seen those large yellow concrete filled posts that block off certain areas or surround sensitive zones, those are bollards. These small pieces are some of the best ways to both secure certain areas of your business and protect delicate machinery like electrical boxes or gas valves. Bollards work to absorb the impact of cars or other damaging forces from impacting these delicate devices. Bollards are extremely popular for electrical boxes and gas joints that are next to roads or parking lots.

If you would like to take your commercial space and your security to the next level, contact the elite team here at Mills Fence Co. today. Our family has been proudly building some of the Tri-state’s most beautiful fences and security solutions since 1970. Call us to get your free estimate today.