Protect your Construction Site with a Temporary Mills Fence

If you have ever managed a construction site, you know just how important security is. Everything from thieving day laborers coming back to the site after work to opportunistic thieves looking for some quick construction supplies can wreak havoc on your site. Not only can your equipment and supplies get stolen, but you can also be liable for any accidents that happen on-site even if you are not there. Making your worksite as safe and secure as possible is extremely important, and the best way to do that is with a strong temporary fence. Call the fencing experts here at Mills Fence Co. to get your free worksite estimate today.

Thief Security

One of the biggest problems with having an active construction site is that if you have to leave everything from tools to building supplies out in the open. If you don’t have the forethought to properly protect your worksite, you could find yourself at a standstill as you order more materials and replace stolen tools. There are expensive security systems available for sites and security guards that can patrol your space, but the best security system is one that you can clearly see from the outside. A temporary chain link, chain link panel, or linkable barrier fence can work wonders on your job site security. Potential thieves tend to be put off by the outward showing of security, and you can easily pair these temporary fences with any other security features that you deem necessary.

Depending on the longevity of your project and the size of your worksite, you can opt for concrete stands or driven in posts. Driven in posts offer an immense amount of stability and security in your fence. If your site is going to be ongoing for multiple months, driven in posts are a necessity. For smaller worksites or for shorter-term projects concrete stands will be more than sufficient.

Worksite Safety

Another big issue with having an open construction site is having to worry about liability. Depending on your insurance, any kind of workplace accidents could leave you footing a huge bill. Even worse, if you don’t take the steps to properly secure your space, you could end up with a lawsuit from an oblivious walker. Simply by having a temporary fence surrounding your site, you can essentially remove the fear of having any liability for afterhours accidents. If your worksite is in a heavily trafficked or busy area, you need to seriously consider your worksite security.

No matter what size your worksite is or how long your project is going to go on for, a temporary worksite fence can help you save time and money over the course of your construction. From protecting your tools and parts from burglars to limiting your afterhours liability, a temporary fence is a must-have for all major construction projects. Here at Mills Fence Co., we are dedicated to providing our customers with unparalleled customer service backed by great prices and an extremely knowledgeable staff. Call us to get your free estimate today.