The 4 Products Businesses Need to Create the Perfect Parking Lot

With all the responsibilities of running a business, it’s easy to overlook your parking lot’s impact on potential customers. Because it’s the first thing people see when they arrive at your location, a well-equipped lot makes a good first impression.

Mills Fence sells and installs several specialty products that add aesthetic benefits and functionality to your property. This list outlines four structures you should include in your parking lot area.

Concrete Bollards

Those bright yellow concrete posts play several important roles in a parking lot. First, they act as a barrier to valuable mechanical equipment and protect it from distracted drivers. Additionally, they help direct the flow of foot and vehicle traffic toward where it should go and away from bottleneck areas of the lot.

Admittedly, adding concrete bollards to a parking lot may not be the most exciting construction project. However, we can guarantee that if a driver takes out your electric box or knocks over a light pole, you will wish you had taken the time to install them.


Concrete bollards protect valuable equipment and direct the flow of traffic.


Whether your business operates on a crowded downtown street or along the road in a rural area, installing a flagpole is an easy way to stand out from your surroundings. In addition to giving the stars and stripes a rightful home, incorporating a flag with your company’s colors gives you an advertising advantage by putting your name above everything else in sight.

Considering the low-maintenance requirements and the potential benefits to your business, a sturdy flagpole is one of the best investments you can make in your parking lot area. It’s the finishing touch to your commercial property that you never knew you needed.

Guard Rails

Ethics aside, if your business’s property has hidden safety hazards, you could be putting yourself at risk of legal action if somebody gets hurt. Owners of any parking lot that borders on steep terrain or backs up to busy streets should take extra precautions to prevent accidents and injury to drivers and pedestrians.

Think of it this way: If a car veered a few feet off the parking lot surface, would it create a dangerous situation? If so, protect that specific area with guard rails.

Dumpster Enclosures

You don’t want a large dumpster to be the first thing customers see when they arrive on your property. Not only that, but you want to discourage any human or animal scavengers from poking around in your garbage looking for anything from discarded food to important business documents.

In addition, dumpster enclosures help conceal any excess trash that may accumulate between garbage days, keeping your property’s appearance clean at all times.

Parking Lot Projects Start at Mills Fence

A cornerstone of successful businesses is attention to detail. When your commercial property has a professional appearance, you give customers confidence.

Mills Fence has served Tri-State area businesses with high-quality products and uncompromising service for more than 50 years. We know what commercial properties need to look and function at their best. Contact a team member today and get the materials and information you need before beginning your project.