Gated: 7 Advantages of Automated Gates

When you think of an automated gate, you may picture a lavish mansion or top secret industrial facility. However, these high-tech fencing components help property owners from every sector better protect their homes, businesses, and storage buildings.

Whether you have a rural home or a company in the heart of a big city, an automated gate may represent the missing link in your ideal fencing solution.

In this blog, we list seven advantages provided by automated gates.

1. Better Perimeter Control

If you have a large piece of land or a business that handles sensitive materials, you need to know who’s on your property at any given time. With an automated gate, you have the option of installing a pass-code or card reader. These systems can provide you with more precise control of access to your property.

2. Enhanced Security

Along with better perimeter control, automated gates offer greater security. Because you control who enters your property, you can reduce the risk of crimes such as theft and vandalism. You can even work with your security company to make your gate part of your alarm system. This way, your system alerts you whenever an unauthorized person attempts to enter your property.

3. Expanded Privacy

In addition to more security, fencing and automated gates can give you a larger private area. Most automated gates sit at some distance away from your home or main building, which reduces the risk of prying neighbors, peeping toms, and other types of privacy invasion.

4. Greater Convenience

If you have a manual gate or even a manual garage, you know how inconvenient it can be. You have to pull over, open the gate, pull in, and close the gate before you can continue on. When you have an automated gate, the whole process just takes the press of a button. Many gates even sense when your car passes through and close automatically.

5. Improved Curb Appeal

High-quality fencing can make your home or business look more visually appealing. In a business setting, this improved curb appeal can increase your customer base. At home, this improvement can make your home more inviting to your family and guests.

6. Increased Property Value

When you put an alarm system in your car, you increase its value and may even change its insurance rates. The same principle applies to your home or commercial building. When you make it less likely that property will be damaged by criminals, car accidents, and natural phenomena, you raise its value.

7. Optimized Safety

In addition to more security, an automated gate also improves safety on your property. If you have young children or pets, you likely spend plenty of time fighting to keep them from straying into the road. With an automated gate, you have easy access to your property while ensuring that your toddler or puppy stays safe.


Automated gates offer all of these advantages without taking away from your property preferences. These components come in a range of styles, from traditional bars to quirky, swirling ornate patterns. And automated gates can slide, swing, or lift to best use the available space.

Additionally, automation devices are compatible with gates made from virtually any gate material. Whether you have an existing wooden fence or want to install a brand new aluminum privacy fence, don’t forget about your automated gate.

Think an automated gate is right for your property? Mills Fence can help you find a gate and operator that fits your security needs, aesthetic vision, and material preferences.

Reap all the benefits listed above when you install an automated gate at the end of your driveway, main business entrance, or property boundary line.