Finding the Perfect Fence: Tailoring Your Choice to Your Lifestyle

Beyond functioning as a property boundary, a quality fence adds privacy, security, and enhances your home’s aesthetics while raising its value. When choosing the right type of fence for your unique situation, several key factors must be considered. Family members like pets and children, potential pool installations, how comfortable you are with your proximity to neighbors, and your personal style all play a factor in your choice.

In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you should consider when searching for the right fence for you and your family’s lifestyle.

Consider the Fence Needs of Your Pets

As any pet owner knows, the safety and security of a four-legged family member is always a top priority. Fencing helps keep your dog or cat from straying off your property, but not all fences are created equal in accomplishing this goal.

For example, some small dogs may be able to squeeze through fence posts or panels depending on the type of fence you install. Pets have a mind of their own and can quickly take off after other animals like squirrels, rabbits, or other dogs. If this is a relevant concern, consider choosing one with minimal gaps to prevent your pet from getting loose.

Though larger dogs may not fit through fencing panels as easily, some tend to dig underground along fence lines. If this digging quality fits your animal’s description, you may want to install a fence that extends underground for maximum peace of mind.

Potential Pool Fence Installation

A fence is vital for safety if you plan to install a pool or already have one. Many areas legally require pool fences with specific features, such as self-closing and self-latching gates. Even with certain non-negotiables like safety capabilities, you still have plenty of options regarding the color, style, and material you want for your pool fence.

Aluminum fencing is popular because of its durability and corrosion-resistant properties. Additionally, vinyl is a very cost-effective choice that requires very little maintenance.

Consider Child Safety

If you have young children, a fence helps provide peace of mind when they’re out playing in the yard. However, some fences offer more safety and security than others. For example, those with childproof locks limit their access to dangerous areas, such as pools or busy streets.

In addition to a fence’s lock features, materials with a smooth surface, like PVC vinyl, can help lower the potential risk of injury for children who may play sports in the yard. Finally, visibility is another essential quality to consider. Ideally, you should choose a fence that allows you or other responsible adults in the house to keep an eye on children while they’re playing. This can have as much to do with fencing placement as it does with material, so think carefully during the planning process to get it right the first time!

Proximity to Neighbors

Even if you love your neighbors, everyone needs a little privacy while they’re at home. In some neighborhoods, homes are so tightly packed together that it can feel like a fence is the only way to get some space to yourself.

Several fencing options allow you to pick your level of privacy. A tall wood fence is most effective, but some might consider a semi-private or open design to maintain a “neighborly” feel with those around them.

In any case, discussing your fencing plans with neighbors is important to avoid disputes and coordinate designs for a seamless neighborhood look.

Personal Aesthetic Style

Your fence can and should be an extension of your home’s style. Explore various materials, such as wood, vinyl (PVC), or aluminum, that match or complement your home’s existing architecture and color scheme.

Regardless of your preferences, Mills has a solution that provides the functionality you need without sacrificing anything in the looks department.

Finding the Perfect Fence Starts at Mills

Each homeowner has their own set of specifications, safety requirements, and aesthetic preferences. Fortunately, the experts at Mills Fence can accommodate your unique needs and deliver a quality fence that lasts.

Before beginning your fencing project, get in touch with a Mills team member today for a quote.