Fence Installation: DIY vs. the Pros

From pets to privacy, there are countless reasons why homes and businesses require a fence installation on their property. While some would never dream of tackling this type of project DIY, others see an opportunity to save money by opting out of professional installation.

This blog post explores the benefits and drawbacks of each approach and sheds light on why you may want to enlist the help of a professional if you need help determining which route to take.

The DIY Approach

Cost Savings

The primary reason homeowners choose to install a fence themselves is to save money. Removing professional labor costs will reduce the overall expense of installing a fence. In addition, DIY projects allow you to shop for materials, compare prices, and choose the most budget-friendly options.

If you’re looking to purchase fencing materials and do the work yourself, Mills Fence carries a large selection of chain link, wood, and PVC at competitive prices.


Some individuals are very particular regarding fencing designs and styles and don’t trust anyone but themselves to bring their vision to life. If you value having total control over a project, doing it yourself means you won’t have to place your trust in anyone else. On the other hand, if your fence doesn’t turn out like you’d hoped, you only have yourself to blame. Choose wisely!

Flexibility in Scheduling

A DIY installation allows you to start, pause, and complete the project when you want. But while there may not be any scheduling conflicts to worry about, remember that it’s important not to rush any steps of the process, especially if this is your first fencing project.

The Professional’s Perspective

Expertise and Efficiency

Professional fence installers bring years, or in our case, decades of experience and expertise to the table. They understand the nuances of different materials, terrains, and property layouts, ensuring a swift and efficient installation process. This expertise can result in a sturdier, more durable fence that stands the test of time.

A DIY fence might look just as good as a professionally installed fence during the first few months, but structural integrity (or lack thereof) becomes noticeable after months or years of weathering. We don’t want to underestimate the skills of DIYers, but the pros are experts at building fences that stand straight year after year.


Doing it yourself might allow scheduling flexibility, but it will undoubtedly take longer to finish the installation. Professionals can accomplish a complete fence installation in a fraction of the time it takes even the most skilled amateur. In most cases, professionals can complete the setup in as little as one day.

Warranty and Insurance

Most reputable fencing professionals offer warranties and stand behind their work. They know their reputation is at stake with each installation and will do everything possible to ensure you’re a happy customer. If you have any issues immediately following the installation, professionals are often insured and can fix the damage for little or no cost to you.

Choose the Pros at Mills Fence for Your Fence Installation Project

While we recommend professional installation in nearly all cases, we respect anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and attempt an installation on their own. Regardless of your skill level, when you purchase your materials from us, you’ll be working with the industry’s best.

If you’ve decided that a fence installation is out of your DIY comfort zone, it’s time to call Mills. We’ve been Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky’s premier fence installer and wholesale material supplier for decades because of our reputation for quality work and customer service. Get in touch online or call our Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky office at 513-631-0333 (OH) or 859-485-6655 (KY) to schedule an estimate.