Choosing the Right Fence Material for Your Home

When you move into a new home, minor changes make the home uniquely yours. Repainting a wall here, hanging family pictures there-and then you have lawn work to make the exterior of your home fit your family’s aesthetics.

As you set out to make your home more beautiful and more secure, you might consider installing or updating the home’s fence. Different fencing materials offer different benefits to your home’s architectural appeal. As you consider which fence is right for your home, read about three of our fencing materials.

  1. PVC Fencing

Material and Installation

PVC fencing (also called vinyl fencing) comes in panels 4-6 feet high. It has a glossy, non-porous surface and comes in a variety of styles and colors.  This fencing can also be done in a two-tone look, if you are trying to match siding or other various features on your property.   

Items to consider…

PVC fencing requires nearly no maintenance. Unlike other types of fence, it does not need painting or staining. Dirt and dust spray off easily with a hose. Vinyl does not split, crack, or rot the way wood does either-except for in extreme weather conditions. Termite damage is also not a problem.

This type of fencing, however, does cost more than wood or chain link fences. And because it comes in panels; it is usually stepped when working on a grade.  If you are looking for an option that runs low to the ground on a hillside, this may not be the choice for you.   

Perfect For . . .

PVC fencing works well for families who want low maintenance fencing that still adds privacy and attractiveness to their home.


  1. Wood Fencing

Material and Installation

Wood fencing comes in boards or pickets typically 4-6 feet high. The most common types of wood for these fences include treated pine and cedar. You can paint or stain your fence, or leave wood pickets natural. Variety in fence shape is another feature, including different board cuts for each picket.  (straight v. scalloped top).

Items to Consider….

Wood fences add a classic, natural look to a home. They provide privacy and cost less than PVC fences. Wood fences are also eco-friendly, and their repairs rarely experience complications. You can easily replace cracked or rotted boards with a few simple tools.  Wood fence is also a good option for someone who would like their fence to follow the grade of their land.  

Wood fences are a natural product, and because of this, boards will not all be the exact same color.  Boards also may have natural knot holes that give the product its rustic character. Being a natural product, wood is susceptible to the elements, it is industry standard that overtime wood may sometimes warp and fade.  Over long periods of time rotting is possible, depending on the conditions in your yard.

Perfect For . . .

Families with small children and pets love wood fences because of these fences’ neighborly feel. Wood is durable and sturdy, and it gives the family privacy while also establishing borders.


  1. Chain Link Fencing

Material and Installation

Chain link fences include galvanized or vinyl coated steel wire, posts, and can also include top and bottom rails. The galvanization keeps the fence from rusting. Chain link comes in a wide range of heights (from 3-12 feet) and colors (silver, black, green). Chain link also comes in different gauges (or weights) of wire to suit the homeowner’s needs.

Items to Consider….

Chain link fences are economical. They establish boundaries, but also let light in. They are durable and versatile-you can use chain link for dog kennels, baseball diamonds, and gardens.

While this type of fence has high versatility, many homeowners feel it looks less aesthetically pleasing than PVC and wood. .

Perfect For . . .

Chain link fencing is perfect for keeping pets in the yard while also protecting it from critters. For homeowners who want to establish property borders but want a cheaper choice than PVC or wood, this material provides a good alternative.

Whatever your fencing needs, carefully choose the right material to ensure years of satisfaction. Check out our image galleries to see these fencing materials in action.