5 Types of Businesses That Need Commercial Fencing

From aesthetics to protection and security, commercial fencing is necessary for many businesses. In some cases, a quality fence can mean the difference between serious accidents or stolen property, which can significantly hurt a company’s bottom line.

This article will cover five types of businesses that should install a commercial fence on their property.

1.     Construction Contractors

Contractors often possess large quantities of valuable building materials that thieves target regularly. For example, millions of dollars’ worth of copper is stolen each year. In addition to materials, expensive equipment may be at risk if not adequately secured.

A commercial fence doesn’t have to offer the protection of Fort Knox to keep your company’s items safe. However, in many cases, a well-constructed fence will be a sufficient deterrent which means it can stop the problem before it starts.

2.     Schools

Accidents are bound to happen when large numbers of kids are in one place. The question is not how to prevent them from happening altogether but how to reduce the frequency of incidents throughout the year.

It’s critical to ensure that schools with young children have a physical separation from any major roads. This reason is two-fold: you want to keep children from wandering off the property into a dangerous situation, and prevent unwanted visitors from trespassing on school grounds. A well-built fence makes a functional barrier that protects schoolchildren and staff all year long.

3.     Residential Complexes

Apartment complex construction is booming, and residents of these new buildings want to feel safe and secure in their new homes. Installing a privacy fence is an effective way to give tenants peace of mind, and adding a security gate can help building managers monitor all traffic coming in and out of the complex.

4.     Retail Warehouses

Any warehouse that stores retail items is a potential gold mine for thieves. Although many of these buildings may be insured against possible theft, it’s easier for everyone involved if they’re able to stop the problem from happening.

This is another situation in which a fence doesn’t need to be impenetrable, but it can serve as a deterrent for would-be looters. If you make them work hard enough to break into your property, there’s a good chance they’ll go elsewhere. A quality fence around the perimeter of a property could make all the difference in this equation.

5.     Government Buildings

Sensitive information requires a higher level of protection. Even the most innocuous government agencies have sensitive data that should remain private.

Although not all government buildings need the same level of protection, they should consider establishing physical security by installing a budget-efficient commercial fence.

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