5 Fencing Products Apartment Complexes Need

Throughout the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, real estate businesses and the contractors supporting them are investing in luxury, modern apartment complexes. While each project has unique needs, nearly all properties will need a range of fencing products to secure and support the area.

Safety, style, and functionality are three key factors potential renters consider when choosing where to live. This article covers five Mills Fence products that can help put the finishing touches on any new apartment complex project.

Patio Enclosures

One of the key features residents look for in an apartment is an outdoor space to relax and unwind. Patio enclosures create private and secure outdoor areas for residents to enjoy some fresh air.

By including patio spaces as part of a living unit, apartment complexes or property companies can showcase an additional amenity, adding value to the living experience. That means outdoor areas don’t just benefit residents, they also allow property companies to see a greater return on their investment.

Privacy Fencing around the Property’s Perimeter

Safety and privacy are crucial factors most individuals consider when exploring options for a new place to live. Installing privacy fencing around the property’s perimeter provides a visual and physical barrier, making residents feel more comfortable at home.

Privacy fences enhance security and reduce noise pollution, making it easier for residents to enjoy peaceful living. In addition, these fences give builders a chance to create a unique aesthetic that adds to the style of the property.

Electronic Security Gates

If you’ve paid to live in an upscale community, you shouldn’t have to worry about unauthorized individuals wandering around the property. Electronic security gates provide a reliable and convenient means of controlling entry and exit points. These gates can be equipped with access control systems such as key cards, key fobs, or intercoms, ensuring that only residents and authorized individuals can enter the premises.

Electronic security gates offer peace of mind for residents, which is particularly important in urban areas. As a bonus, they also help control the traffic flow in and out of parking areas.

Concrete Bollards to Protect Electrical Equipment

Apartment complexes require substantial electrical equipment, such as transformers and utility boxes, to provide power to dozens or hundreds of residents. If one critical piece of equipment is damaged or knocked offline, it’s a major inconvenience for a significant number of people.

Concrete bollards serve as protective barriers and safeguard essential electrical components from distracted drivers or other vehicle accidents. By strategically placing concrete bollards around electrical equipment, apartment complexes can minimize the risk of costly repairs, potential disruptions to residents and ensure the smooth functioning of utilities.

Aluminum Fencing around the Pool Area

Swimming pools are a top amenity that prospective residents look for when deciding which apartment complex to rent. In this case, fencing isn’t just advised, it may be legally required.

To ensure safety and comply with regulations (which may vary), installing a fencing barrier around pool areas is essential. Aluminum fencing is durable, low-maintenance, and corrosion-resistant, making it an ideal choice for outdoor environments. These fences provide a physical barrier to prevent unauthorized access and help protect residents, especially young children, from tragic accidents.

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