5 Commercial Property Products You Might Be Overlooking During Construction

Meticulous planning and attention to detail are essential when constructing a commercial property. Business properties must meet functional and safety standards, but builders should also strive for an aesthetically pleasing and professional appearance.

While the primary focus is (understandably) often on the structure itself, it’s important to consider the details. This article focuses on the finishing touches that every property manager or building contractor should consider adding during or after construction.

Flagpoles Make a Statement

Think about the most prestigious buildings in the world. Whether you envisioned a large corporation, a government office, or a fancy resort, they all have one thing in common: flagpoles!

There’s no denying that a prominently placed flagpole significantly impacts the visual identity of a commercial property. Whether you choose to display the national flag, a company banner, or a custom flag representing your brand, a flagpole conveys a sense of pride and professionalism. Incorporating this element during construction allows for strategic placement, ensuring they become an integral part of the property’s visual appeal.

Concrete Bollards are Practical and Protective

Bollards are easy to overlook, but if a delivery driver backs his truck into an electric box, HVAC unit, or other sensitive equipment, you’ll wish you had them previously installed. These short, sturdy posts can serve various purposes, such as directing traffic flow, protecting vital infrastructure from collisions, and enhancing security.

During the building phase, take the time to identify designated pedestrian pathways, building entrances that could use additional protection, or where you need to restrict unauthorized vehicle access. Investing in durable, affordable bollards can contribute to the long-term safety of your employees and help property managers avoid headaches down the road.

Gates Combine Security and Accessibility

If your business values security, gates are a necessity. Today’s technology gives building managers and business owners total control over the comings and goings of employees, clients, building staff, and all other visitors.

It’s crucial to think about gate installation in the earliest stages of construction. Identify the access points around the property and strategically place them wherever necessary to restrict access.

Next, go over your product options. Many businesses prefer an automated gate for controlled access as these systems allow authorized individuals onto the grounds via code or key fob. If you have unique security concerns, ask your Mills Fence representative for a recommendation, and we’ll help you find the best gate for the job.

Guardrails Enhance Safety and Prevent Accidents

Accidents are a major liability for businesses, especially if they happen on your property. Whether you’re building a dedicated parking structure, rooftop terrace, or a multi-level building, guardrails are non-negotiable.

If you recognize any areas that may be a potential hazard, prioritize the installation of guardrails that keep cars and pedestrians safe. Like bollards, you don’t want to look back after an accident and think, “I should have installed those earlier.”

Enclosures Conceal Waste and Keep Critters at Bay

While trash and dumpster enclosures may not be the first items on a construction checklist, they play a vital role in maintaining the cleanliness (literally and visually) of any commercial property. Well-designed enclosures conceal waste disposal areas, preventing unsightly views and controlling odors.

In addition to keeping trash where it belongs, enclosures also prevent animals from making a home in your parking lot or patio area. If employees regularly discard lunch scraps or old food from the refrigerator, pests can become problematic if they have easy access to trash receptacles. Simply put, installing an enclosure is simple, cost-effective, and worthwhile.

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