4 Reasons a Temporary Fence Is Necessary at a Construction Site  

Construction sites are loud, dangerous, and contain valuable materials and machinery. Nevertheless, they’re often right in the middle of public areas or on city blocks you pass each day.

The only people who should step foot on a property under construction are those authorized to be there. In this article, we’ll cover the top four reasons why having a temporary fence around your construction site’s perimeter is so important.

1.     Theft is More Common Than You Think

You may not think of a construction site as a goldmine, but thieves do. Each year, equipment thefts cost construction companies more than $1 billion. In addition to equipment, it’s common to see valuable materials like lumber and copper go missing without an explanation.

Construction sites are large, and security is always a challenge. If you don’t have a fence that’s fit to protect your area, you’re likely going to have several unauthorized visitors.

2.     Safety Concerns

In a time when so many faces are glued to their mobile devices – even while walking in crowded public areas – accidents can happen instantly and unexpectedly. For example, a distracted pedestrian is a safety concern for builders working in tight quarters, whether in an urban area or even a neighborhood with homes built close together.

While it’s unlikely that an individual would accidentally stroll directly through the middle of your construction site, even a wrong step onto the broken ground near the street or sidewalk can cause an injury. In the worst-case scenario, it may even result in legal action. So, to summarize, a fence helps protect the public from themselves.

3.     It May Be Legally Required

Construction laws vary from place to place, but many areas have passed laws that require building sites to be fenced off and contained. If a builder neglects the necessary safety precautions, it opens the door to potential lawsuits, injuries, and accidents. Not to mention, nobody wants their project’s progress delayed due to an oversight.

If you’re on the fence when it comes to installing a temporary fence around your construction site, remember the old advice of “erring on the side of caution.”

4.     It Helps You Monitor the Contents of the Site

You should know when materials or personnel arrive on your site. A fence with a few entryways provides a de facto “check-in” space where you can keep track of what or who is coming in.

With a million moving pieces, it’s easy to consistently overlook the flow of resources. However, it becomes easier to monitor when you must provide access to incoming workers or equipment before they enter the site.

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