How to Turn a Concrete Patio into a Sophisticated Outdoor Space

In the United States, patios come standard issue with many homes. Unfortunately for some

homeowners, many of these patios consist of little more than a level slab of concrete. While a concrete

patio is fairly functional, it may not look very inviting or attractive.

Luckily for you, a few simple renovations can turn a drab patio into an elegant outdoor space. In this

blog, we walk you through the basics of updating your concrete patio.

Pick a Theme

When you picture your ideal patio, what do you imagine doing there? How do you want it to feel? Do

imagine barbeques with your neighbors, gatherings with your family, or relaxing on your own? Do you

feel freedom, tranquility, or connectedness?

Use your desired feeling to direct your theme. Your theme could be based on a feeling, like rich

elegance, or based on a specific locale, like a vintage beach cottage.

To add elegance and sophistication, decorate with traditional items and rich colors like eggplant,

chestnut, or crimson. Choose metal furniture, luxurious ottomans, and other distinguished furnishings.

To create a specific location-based theme, choose a few central pieces of decor. In our hypothetical

beach cottage space, you’d want to hang a few vintage signs, select lace outdoor curtains, and add

nautical touches across the patio.

Decorate a patio of this style with wicker or reclaimed wood furniture and antique accents.

Define the Space

Once you know what you want your space to feel like, add some definition to your patio’s perimeter.

You have two main options for defining the space:


Use a trellis or potted plants to create multi-levelled natural definition. Use larger structures to create

barriers (such as at the patio’s edges) and smaller structures to accent your decor. Choose flowers that

echo your color palette.


To make your patio safer and more attractive, add some fencing. To evoke the elegance we discussed

earlier, consider timeless black or bronze aluminum fencing.

If you prefer to create whimsy and a sense of vintage charm, install distressed wood fencing, decorative

white metal fencing, or low-lying, long-lasting PVC rails.

For a unified feeling, consider combining your new rails with climbing vines or planters that mimic the

fence’s shape.

Cover the Concrete

Concrete looks fairly simple. To complete your patio upgrade, hide or cover the concrete. If you have the

budget and commitment to do a full renovation, consider installing stylish pavers or wood decking over

the concrete foundation.

These options work well with an elegant, traditional, or conservative design. For best results, choose

wood or stone that echoes the colors found in your home’s exterior. If you install a fence, choose a

cover material that complements the fence type.

You can also further define your space by creating a path out of the same material as your patio

covering. A winding path can make a small yard appear larger, while a straight path creates a feeling of

minimalistic symmetry.

For a short-term, but equally stylish solution, choose an outdoor rug or some woven mats. These

options make the space more accommodating to bare feet and more attractive for you and your visitors.

Additionally, carpeting of any kind helps keep debris such as mud or gravel out of your home. Carpeting

provides the best option for homeowners with young children or outdoor pets.

If on a tight budget, you can also simply paint your patio with concrete paint from your local hardware

store. Usually, you can find concrete paint in various shades to match any theme you are trying to


While you can make many of these upgrades with a simple trip to a decor supplier or a hardware store,

others require knowledge of local building codes and ideal construction techniques.

When choosing and installing your rails, pavers, and any windows, contact a professional contractor. Not

only can contractors help you find the perfect fit for your desired aesthetic, they can ensure these

elements are installed correctly and safely.

Follow these guidelines to create your perfect outdoor space.