4 Ways to Increase Pool Safety

Your pool offers a lot of fun for you and your family. It creates an enjoyable, relaxing environment

that allows you to escape the scorching summer heat. And it presents countless opportunities


your pool also comes with a lot of risks.

According to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 10 people drown

every day, and two of these drownings happen to children 14 years old or younger. Children


these statistics sound concerning, you can take steps to ensure your family stays safe when around your


1. Choose the Right Fencing

A perimeter fence around your yard may keep your neighbors from prying, but it won’t keep your

children from swimming. In addition to your yard fence, you’ll want a fence that surrounds your

Have a professional install a fence at least four feet high around the pool, though the higher the

better. Opt for a structure tall enough that even the most determined child can’t climb over

Additionally, make sure your fence has a self-closing and self-latching gate that opens away from the

pool. Keep a lock on this gate whenever you don’t use the area.

2. Invest in a Safety Cover

Regular pool covers do a great job at keeping leaves, bugs, and other debris out of the water. As a

result, a pool cover helps you maintain a cleaner pool, and it even conserves water by minimizing

However, safety covers take pool protection a step further. In addition to holding the weight of snow

and storm debris, these covers can handle the weight of your children and pets.

If you don’t like the inconvenience of pulling the cover on and off each time you want to swim,

invest in a motorized cover with an easy-to-use push button.

3. Install an Underwater Alarm

If your children manage to sneak past your fence and take off the pool cover, you’ll want to know

the moment they hit the water. So install an alarm that detects when someone disturbs the


general, you can pick either a buoy alarm or an underwater alarm. A buoy alarm floats on top of the

pool’s surface and sounds whenever the water moves. But this option tends to create a


underwater alarm, on the other hand, mounts on the pool’s side and alerts you when someone breaks

the surface or displaces the water. This option results in fewer false alarms, though it

For an extra

layer of protection, you can also give your child a wearable alarm that he or she attaches at the wrist. If

the band contacts the water, sensors will trigger the alarm until you

4. Cover All


Once you’ve installed the necessary safety precautions, you might think you’ve finished the job.

After all, no one can access the pool without your permission, and you’ll always supervise


even the pool itself could threaten your children. Underwater drains have enough suction to pull on

your child’s hair or catch on swimsuits. Although drain accidents don’t happen


When you take these safety measures, you can greatly reduce the risk of accidents in your pool.